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The Protein Model Portal is being developed as a module of the Protein Structure Initiative Knowledgebase (PSI KB). The goal of the Models Module is to develop a portal that gives access to the various models that can be leveraged from PSI targets and other experimental protein structures. The Protein Structure Initiative has been successful in determining the structures of many unique proteins in a high throughput manner. Still, the number of known protein sequences is much larger than the number of experimentally solved protein structures. Homology (or comparative) modeling methods make use of experimental protein structures to build models for evolutionary related proteins. Experimental structural biology and homology modeling thereby complement each other in the exploration of the protein structure space.


For every structure determined by the PSI Centers, hundreds of models can be derived using a variety of established methods. This has been done by all of the PSI centers (CSMP, JCSG, MCSG, NESG, NYSGXRC, JCMM), and by various independent modeling groups (e.g. ModBase, SWISS-MODEL Repository). The Protein Model Portal provides a single interface to query simultaneously the existing precomputed models at various sites, gives access to interactive services for template selection, target-template alignment, model building, and quality assessment.



The ProteinModelPortal is an open platform aiming to foster effective usage of molecular models in biomedical research by providing convenient and comprehensive access to the models and their annotation. It forms as a "marketplace of ideas" that connects protein sequence information to experimentally determined structures and computationally predicted models.
If you provide a service for protein structure modeling / prediction or protein model quality assessment server and would be interested to make your service available via the ProteinModelPortal, please fill the service registration forms:
- protein modelling server
- protein model quality assessment server


Reference: Haas J., Roth S., Arnold, K., Kiefer, F., Schmidt T., Bordoli, L. and Schwede, T. (2013). The Protein Model Portal - a comprehensive resource for protein structure and model information. Database doi: 10.1093/database/bat031