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ModEval evaluates various aspects of model quality MedLine and reports quality scores such as predicted RMSD and native overlap, along with the atomic distance-dependent statistical potential DOPE (Discrete Optimized Protein Energy)MedLine. DOPE is based on an improved reference state, accounting for the finite and spherical shape of the native structures. Further it reports a score based on statistical potentials (GA341) assessing the reliability of a modelMedLine.

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ModFOLD is a Model Quality Assessment Program (MQAP) used for the global and local assessment of modelsMedLine. The original ModFOLD method is a combination of the ModSSEA method (McGuffin, 2007), MODCHECK (Pettitt et al., 2005) and two scores provided by ProQ (Wallner and Elofsson, 2003). The scores are combined using a neural network.

QMEAN is a composite scoring function for the quality estimation of protein structure modelsMedLine. QMEAN consists of six structural descriptors. Four of them are statistical potentials analyzing torsion angles, solvation and non-bonded interactions. The other two terms reflect the agreement between predicted and calculated secondary structure and solvent accessibility.